It's a breakthrough in liquid packaging that combines the best attributes of flexibles and rigids — and eliminates the negatives — to create a disruptive new-to-the-world package form. AeroFlexx's innovative technology delivers a lightweight, durable, flexible package that acts like a rigid bottle.

AeroFlexx is an all-in-one packaging solution that provides customization based on your needs, allowing you to enjoy characteristics never seen before in any liquid packaging.

Major brands are checking out AeroFlexx thanks to its innovative design. Our AeroFlexx Paks are purpose-built to not lose shape while also staying flexible. These unique features also mean less plastic used up front and an easier experience squeezing out liquids.

The AeroFlexx Pak can even be dropped up to 25 feet without bursting open or leaking, which means a more durable, reliable package and better consumer experience as a whole.

AeroFlexx provides brands with customizable shapes, sizing, 360 degree design capabilities, and a more simplified supply chain. The AeroFlexx Pak requires no molds, caps, lids, or labels, reducing the total cost of ownership and making it quicker to design and produce. Right off the production line, the AeroFlexx Pak is hermetically sealed, tamper-proof, and ready for omnichannel distribution.

The AeroFlexx Pak enables prep-free shipping, no extra packing materials are needed, place it in an envelope or box and it will arrive in perfect condition – all while helping you reach your sustainability commitments.

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